I lost 15 friends in an hour

UNFRIEND. Was that even a word before Facebook?

Facebook will have over 1 billion users by august 2012. So when comparing my 428 friends to the entire network the number seems very minuscule. But in reality 428 friends is about 420 too many.

The average Facebook user has 120 confirmed friends but probably talks to about 20 of them. But keeping in contact with all “my friends” is not my true concern it’s actually the complete opposite.

Facebook is about sharing; we share photos, statuses, conversations and videos about our lives. By posting these things we allow every “friend” (and sometimes not even our “friends”) to view and judge us based on our Facebook profile.

There are many examples when sharing certain details of your life is not always beneficial and I would like to mention a few:

1.      Calling in sick to work and then posting on your wall that you had a great day at the beach. This usually always ends badly, especially since you forgot that you added your boss to Facebook last month.

2.      Posting pictures of you drinking a little too much last night, and finding out that the children you babysit were looking at them.

3.      Ending a relationship on Facebook BEFORE you’ve done it in person.

And those are only a few common examples of Facebook faults. Charles W. Bryant wrote an article on the top 10 things you should never share on a social networks and his list includes: personal conversations, social plans, and pictures of your kids.

But is the problem really sharing?

If the people we added on Facebook were actually who we said they were (FRIENDS), then why would sharing be an issue? Therefore the true issue lies not in WHAT we are sharing but WHO we are sharing it with.

We, as Facebook users, need to be more aware of who we are giving access to our personal information.

But instead of leaving you with this comment, I decided to lead by example and “trim” my friends list. In an hour I was able to remove 15 friends off of my Facebook. When I began scanning the list I was shocked to see some people who I had never even met before and I began to question why I would even accept them in the first place.

So my question to you is: Who do you have listed as a friend? An ex from high school? A bully from grade school? A long-lost friend? I had all of the above and I am sure that you do to.


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