Is technology making us unhealthy?

Of course we know that with the current upgrade in technology people can do less work for more but what effects is this having on our health?


When we think of the physical effects of technology we probably first think of obesity. We now know that technology promotes a sedentary lifestyle that has been proven to link technology with obesity. As the picture below depicts it is not only the choice of technology over physical activity that is causing obesity it is the activities that we do while we are using technology that effect our health as well. We associate movies and video games with potato chips and popcorn. These two unhealthy choices combined have tripled child obesity in the last 25 years.

Another physical effect that is less known is “text thumb” and “text neck.” These are aches and pains that develop due to over usage of phones. Now- a- days people are using their phones for an average of 2 hours per day using this time to text, play games, and search the web. Researchers believe that due to the tiny buttons on phones and the posture of the users these aches and pains are the most common.


A researcher named Richard Louv discovered the nature- deficit disorder. He describes it “not as a medical diagnosis, but as a way to describe the price we pay for alienation from the natural world.” He believes that the lack of nature that is accompanied with greater use in technology causes decrease in intelligence and creativity.

My Thoughts and Suggestions

The newer generations will grow up in a world full of technology; creating negative and positive effects. Although many of us rely on technology in our everyday lives we must learn to appreciate nature. There has to be a balance.

I did not write this blog in hopes of people to become tree hugging hippies with no sense of the “real world.” I wrote this blog to show that there truly are positives and negatives of everything we do in life. Technology has done wonders for our world and I could not go a day without it but I find the days I enjoy the most is when I can escape from all that and go and enjoy nature.


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