Cyber Bullying

Now no body is watching

Bullying has always been a problem for young children. Every parent can look back on their childhood and think of times when they themselves were bullied but how has technology changed bullying?

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What is Cyber Bullying?

Cyber Bullying is any form of harassment done through a technological devices. And with technology comes many new ways to bully, including:

  1. Gossip: posting or sending false/ true information that would ruin a person’s reputation
  2. Exclusion: simply excluding someone from an online group
  3. Impersonation: going on somebody’s online accounts (such as email or facebook) and sending messages that would cause embarrassment to the individual.
  4. Harassment: posting or sending rude messages repeatedly to someone.
  5. Cyberstalking: sending intimidating messages, including threats.
  6. Flaming: online fights where offensive messages are posted on a public internet site.
  7. Outing and Trickery: causing someone to reveal secrets or embarrassing information and then is posted online
  8. Cyberthreats: messages on the internet implying violent behavior

Why Cyber Bullying?

The internet gives people false power, also known as the Online Disinhibition Effect. While on the internet people will say and do things that they normally would not do in the presence of people. Cyber Bullies take advantage of this false power and use it to their advantage. The internet not only shelters the bully from seeing the true effects of the harassment it also in some cases shelters the bully from even being known.

The Effects.

Bullying leads to first and for most isolation, which can then progress to depression and decrease in performance in pleasurable activities and school. Suicide among young children is gradually increasing and in 2005, 270 children in the 10-14 age group killed themselves.

My Thoughts.

With new technology comes new challenges and barriers to overcome. Like mentioned before bullying has been around forever but not to the extent it is today. In today’s society children have no escape from bullying, due to electronics they can now be bullied in their own homes. Parents need to talk to their children about the importance of standing up to bullies and reporting them. When youth stand up against bullying they are successful in stopping  57% of the bullying behavior in less than 10 seconds!

Anti-bullying campaigns continue to be integrated into the school curriculum but maybe we need to address the problem before the bullying begins. I think a program that helps troubled kids at school would be truly beneficial, especially since it is a well known fact that kids that have been bullied whether at home or at school usually progress to become the bully later on. There has to be a way to unite children as a whole and to allow society to finally get over the “bullying stage” that every child has to over come.

If you need tips on how to stand up to bullying check out: Stand up 2 Bullying at



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