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Cyber Bullying

Now no body is watching Bullying has always been a problem for young children. Every parent can look back on their childhood and think of times when they themselves were bullied but how has technology changed bullying?         What is Cyber Bullying? Cyber Bullying is any form of harassment done through a technological […]

Is technology making us unhealthy?

Of course we know that with the current upgrade in technology people can do less work for more but what effects is this having on our health? Physically When we think of the physical effects of technology we probably first think of obesity. We now know that technology promotes a sedentary lifestyle that has been […]

I lost 15 friends in an hour

UNFRIEND. Was that even a word before Facebook? Facebook will have over 1 billion users by august 2012. So when comparing my 428 friends to the entire network the number seems very minuscule. But in reality 428 friends is about 420 too many. The average Facebook user has 120 confirmed friends but probably talks to […]

Hello world!

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